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Core Policy

People Ask me Everyday, "Why Do You Have a Core Deposit?"

Lets face it! Carburetors are becoming scarce!

I understand in the 60's 70's and 80's Carburetors were all over the place, but it's 2017 soon to be 2018 and Carburetors are becoming hard to find these days.

People have Junked Cars with Carburetors, People have sold them as Scrap Metal, People have melted them down for metal purposes, and etc.

Thats is why we have a Core deposit.

We have tried the "Trust" method and have seen that people do not return these Cores. That's just the plain truth! No beating around the bush here at Carburetor Exchange

Everytime we hear, "I'll return it! I promise..." it never happens and we have to charge a core deposit, but we can't install core deposit money on a manifold and we can't sell that in exchange, we need the carburetor cores.

This is the only method we have found that people return cores, by holding a core deposit.

How it Works

Email Photo of Core to 3207peck @

Once That is Accomplished We can Email You a RMA Number for Core Return

We Will Email You a Label via UPS.

Drop off at UPS store

(if you don't live near one, call us, we'll send a truck to you)

Give us 4-6 days for Core Credit processing

Please Note: Carburetor Cores must be "Like" for "Like" Meaning this MUST be Identical to What we Are Selling You  Both Carburetors Should Look as though You are Looking into a Mirror. Carburetor cores MUST be in rebuildable Conditions (Subject to Factory Inspection), Carburetors that arrive disassembled will be suject to a $65.00 labor charge (No Exceptions), Carburetors Missing parts are subject to a $35.00 Charge Per Part (No Exceptions) , Cores that arrive broken, damaged or Frozen/Seized will be treated as "Junk" and a $5.00 credit will be issued.  Carburetors Cores MUST be Returned within 30 Days of Purchase with RMA sent via Text or Email, No Exceptions.  If You Reiceve a Carburetors from Us and it Looks Different, Call us at 626-350-8245 ask for John or Dan.

"Carburetor Cores are the Foundation of Our Company"

If you have Carburetor cores/Used Carburetors, we would be more than happy to buy them from you :) we pay anywhere from $1.00 - $50.00 and sometimes more, please give us a call at 800-491-2633 ask for Dan

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