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Frequently Asked Questions

What address do I send the Core back too?

You want to send it back to the

Carburetor Exchange


3207 Peck Road

EL Monte, California 91731

Your RMA Number will always be your Invoice Number. (Located on top right hand corner of main invoice, usually red numbers)


What does Feedback mean?

"Carburetor w/Feedback" = Computer Controlled Carburetor

The easiest way for you to know if you have a Feedback carburetor or a Non-Feedback carburetor is to see if you have a "Check Engine Light" on your Dashboard.

Follow these easy steps to find out what type of Carburetor you have.

1. Move key to the "On" Switch.

2. Look at all the pretty lights that come on the dashboard

3. Look for the "Service Engine Light" or "Check Engine Light" on the dashboard of your Vehicle

4. Cross your fingers and hope you do not have a "Check Engine Light" or "Service Engine Light"

5. If you have a check engine light, look for carburetors that say "w/Feedback" or "Computer Carbs"

6. If you do not have a check engine light, look for carburetor that say "No Feedback" or "No Computer Carbs."

Please Note: California requires you have to OEM carburetors for Emssion Purposes :(

if you still need help please feel free to call us at 800-491-2633


I Want To Send in My Carburetor for a Rebuild, How do I do This?

You want to send your carburetor to:





EL MONTE, CA 91731


You want to include your: Name, Address, and Phone Number on a piece of paper

When we recieve you Carburetor we will give you a call.

1 Barrel Carburetors $99-$169* on rebuilding

2 Barrel & 4 Barrel Carburetors $159-$189* on Rebuilding


If you have any questions Please feel free to give us a call at 800-491-2633 Ask for Dan or Herman

*Excludes RX-7 , Prelude , Industrial Carburetors, Some Very Early Models, Marine, Feedback Carbs. (Call for more Info)

Carburetors include a 90 Day Warranty


What Are Your Office Hours?

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:30pm PST

Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm PST

Saturday 8:00am - 2:00pm PST


How Does the Exchange Thing Work?

The Exchange Thing is very simple...

Step 1. You Call us or Place your Order Online

Step 2. We ship you a Carburetor

Step 3. You install New Carburetor on your Car/Truck

Step 4. Place old used carburetor back into Box that the New Carbruetor Came in.

Step 5. Wait 2 days processing and we issued you a refund for you core deposit.


I dont have a core! Can I still buy a carburetor?

Absolutely! Call us as ask for our special No Core pricing. Please feel free to give us a call at 800-491-2633 and ask for Dan.


Lifetime warranty??? Whats the catch?

No Catch! Ship us the carburetor, we fix it, and ship it back, its that easy.

*Applies to Online Orders Only


There is an extra vacuum port(s) on the carburetor you sent me what do I do?

It is as easy as a vacuum cap or plug! Dont got any? Give us a call and well send you some. Just call 800-491-2633.


I think my carburetor has a problem, but I dont know what to do?

Dont panic, here at carburetor exchange we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem! Our Lifetime warranty makes it easy to get your problem solved. Simply give us a call so we can try to troubleshoot the problem over the phone, if the problem persist ship us the carburetor and we can solve the problem for you, Our lifetime Warranty makes fixing problems not only hassle free, But free of charge* as well.

*Please Note: Customer is responsible for all shipping cost.


Do I have to pay for a core deposit?

Not really! There are other options to go about it. One option would be for you to send us your carburetor so we can rebuild it for an incredible low price! That way there is NO core deposit, another option would be to send us your carburetor as an exchange for our carburetor that has been fully tested on a live engine that is ready to bolt on and go. For more information on this Incredible low price give us a call at (800)-491-2633


I just need some parts can you help me?

Absolutely! Here at carburetor exchange we have an endless amount of parts available, and if we dont have them we can get them! We also have an antique department for hard to find parts on older vehicles. Give our Antique department a call at 800-491-2633 and ask for Herman.


I want to make sure the carburetor is right, can u send me a picture?

We here at carburetor exchange have a Can-do-attitude, Yes! We can send you pictures, via email for people that have computers or fax for people that only have a fax machine.


When you say Engine Test what does that mean?

We have live engines on stands that we use for testing purposes only. We test for vacuum leaks, flooding, bleed clogs, etc. we also adjust the carburetors, we adjust the Mixture idle screws, that way it is not burning to rich where the fuel smell is bad and its not running to lean, where you get a rough hesitation. On top of that we adjust the idle so it is not too high or too low and we even set the fast idle for cold start, that way if you are in a quick hurry in the morning the car will be easier to start at cold operation.


Can I Text you a picture of a part I am looking for?

Carburetor Exchange

3207 Peck Rd.
El Monte, Caifornia

If you are looking for a part, but don't know how to describe it, Text Us!

If you are looking for a specific Carburetor, Text Us!

If you are looking for a price quote, Text Us!

Technologoy tends to grow more rapidly then kids these days, lets take advantage of what we have today

Text to company phone number 626-627-8095

You may also call that company phone for more information after business hours, but more than likely it will go to an answering machine and we tend to return the call shortly any day of the week.

If you have any questions or concerns please ask for me, Dan.


I dont have a credit card, what can I do?

Not to worry, Carburetor exchange will also accept Money orders, Cashiers check, and Pre-paid credit cards. Heck! My boss might even take a couple of goats for a carburetor, you just never know, give us a call at 800-491-2633


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